Collide Week #2 "Be Transformed"
Overview: Since the beginning, the Christian faith has been on a collision course with the culture around us. The values of the world do not align with the values of our faith. The priorities of the world do not align with the priorities of our faith. The kingdom of man is not seeking the same things as the kingdom of God.


Big Idea: When Jesus rescues us, He begins a process within us that takes each of us from where we were to a life that is secure and centered on Him. It is true that Jesus loves us just the way we are, but it is equally true that He loves us too much to leave us that way.


Think: Jesus gave His life so that I could have mine. Not just to have a mediocre life. Rather, His desire is that I live life fully with Him. 


Feel: Transformation is not a quick or over-night process. It takes time, dedication, and commitment on my part. Am I willing to partake in it?


Do: Point out the areas of your life God desires to transform, and prayerfully consider what needs to happen to allow God to do the work of transformation in those areas. 


Scripture: Romans 12:2