Collide Week #1 "Stand Firm"
Overview: Since the beginning, the Christian faith has been on a collision course with the culture around us. The values of the world do not align with the values of our faith. The priorities of the world do not align with the priorities of our faith. The kingdom of man is not seeking the same things as the kingdom of God.
Big Idea: Since the beginning of the Church, there have been people who have tried to spread false teachings about what it means to be the people of God. Paul considered these hollow and deceptive. He warned Christians to be careful what they believed to be true. Stand firm on the simple truths of the Gospel. 


Think: The world tries to water down the Gospel, and even spread false truths alongside it. Being aware of this is not enough. I have to make a choice to stand firm on the Truth of the Gospel. 


Feel: These deceptive truths are very enticing. However, they will not provide me with the abundant life Christ came to bring. 


Do: Get into a rhythm of standing firm on the Gospel message. When you hear something deceptive or false, declare it as such and keep returning to the Word of God. 


Scripture: Colossians 2:8, Matthew 7:24-27