Hope Is Here Week #2 - Hope For The Broken

Scripture: John 8:1-11 


Big Idea: There is no worse feeling than when our sin finds us out. Being exposed can leave us feeling broken and ashamed. Oftentimes, this can be rock bottom for us. Many of us can relate to the woman caught in adultery. We may fail in different ways, but they have the same result. The woman was going to pay the price for her sin—until she meets Jesus. What hope she must have felt as the stones began to fall at the feet of her accusers, and she was given a second chance to “go and sin no more.” If you feel broken today, hope is here. Jesus is offering forgiveness and a fresh start. On the other side, how we interact with people around us who have made mistakes says a lot about our relationship with Jesus. The Church should be the place where grace is found easily and forgiveness is extended quickly.


Think: There is nothing I can do that Jesus cannot forgive. Because I have been forgiven, I should extend forgiveness to others.


Feel: Jesus loves me just as he finds me, but he loves me too much to leave me there.


Do: Offer the brokenness of your life to Christ and choose obedience. Forgive others and welcome them into the family of faith.