Hope Is Here Week #4 - Hope For The Doubter

Scripture: John 20:24-29


Big Idea: When life gets tough, it is easy to doubt that things can get better. The disciples had watched their friend be crucified and buried in a tomb, and they were devastated. Even though others had claimed to see Jesus resurrected from the dead, Thomas did not want to get his hopes up, only to be disappointed again. He doubted their story. It was not until Thomas saw the scars on Jesus’ hands and side that he was filled with hope again. Some of us have experienced such tragedy and pain that we too struggle with doubt. We need to know that Jesus has overcome death and, if we have eyes to see it, is active in our lives today. The Church must become a place that is safe for those who have doubts. The evidence for God is best revealed when it is lived out authentically in community. 


Think: There is evidence that Jesus has risen from the dead and is at work in the world today.


Feel: Jesus is not afraid of my doubt and will meet me right where I am.


Do: Have the courage to trust that Jesus has overcome death and look for evidence all around.